Group photo of some people involved in the project.

TRAINME 2 has just begun

February 23, 2022 /

[Picture: Robert Neuber]

Between 31/01/2022 and 02/02/2022, the academic staff comprising Prof. Dr. Bernd Zinn and Stefanie Holler from BPT as well as the colleagues from the ÜBZO were back again in South Africa.

TRAINME 2 lays the foundation for the dissemination of the teaching and learning content from the previous project. The master trainers were supported in the planning and implementation of the TRAINME content during the first week.

In the second week, the team visited the GIZ in Pretoria to explore opportunities for cooperation. The common goal is to improve the quality of vocational training in South Africa. This includes the professionalisation of teaching staff in terms of mediatization and digitization.

However, in South Africa, relatively low national priority has been given to support the TVET sector (berufsbildender Sektor) and professionalisation of teachers at vocational schools and the qualification of vocational teachers has not kept pace with the speed of digital transformation in everyday life and work. In this regard, the team explored the needs and possible concepts with the South African Ministry of Higher Education (DHET), the management and teachers from various vocational schools.

The team was accompanied and filmed by a professional cameraman during that project period. On this occasion, the team is beyond ecstatic that a short documentary of the project is expected at the end of March. So stay tuned!

In the meanwhile look behind the scenes. 


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