A photo of the workshop cards of the VR Superpowers.

HIVE-Lab Workshop within the UFO project

June 14, 2022 / UFO

[Picture: Lena Hieber, Evelyn Hoffarth]

On June 14, 2022, the HIVE Lab Workshop (HIVE Lab | Innovative Technologies for Healthy Living) took place as part of the UFO project (UFO | Institute for Educational Science | University of Stuttgart). There, representatives of the University of Siegen presented the concept of SuperPowers. The VR SuperPowers offer unique possibilities only feasible in Virtual Reality (VR). Expanded worlds, an expanded ego, expanded actions, perceptions, and thinking help to create VR training scenarios with various strategy options. These are perfect for promoting and developing the socio-emotional area of persons on the autism spectrum. The role plays/enactments were also beneficial, which were guided and videotaped and provided essential impulses for researching and developing future VR scenarios for the UFO project.

Picture of a presenter during the HIVE Workshop and the back of a young man watching the presentation.
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