A screen of a "Scratch" game programmed by a child of dogs running around.

Workshop beim SommerKinderCollege 2023 der DHBW Karlsruhe

November 15, 2023

Fun and games in computer science - your first own computer game

Is using the summer vacations to deepen interests and learn exciting new things? That’s what the SommerKinderCollege at DHBW Karlsruhe makes possible for interested children between the ages of seven and 14. This year, the LLiS department was also represented by the "Fun and Games with Computer Science - your first own computer game" workshop. Due to the high demand, this was held twice on 15.08.2023, in the morning and the afternoon, each time with a group of interested young computer scientists. The children enjoyed developing their computer games and learned basic programming concepts such as loops, branches, and variables playfully. Particularly noteworthy is the incredible creativity and perseverance of the children to develop ideas and implement them in their Scratch[1] programs. Thus, many different games were created on this day, presented and played in the group, and taken away by the children so they could give and continue their work at home. The day at DHBW Karlsruhe was a complete success and made many children's eyes shine.

[1] https://scratch.mit.edu/

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