LLiS Paper Publication!

November 23, 2023 /

Paper publication by Laura Bareiß, Prof. Dr. Friedrich Platz, and Jun.-Prof. Dr. Maria Wirzberger in Social Psychology of Education!

Since November 22, 2023, the article written by Laura Bareiß (University of Stuttgart, LLiS), Prof. Dr. Friedrich Platz (HMDK Stuttgart), and Jun.-Prof. Dr. Maria Wirzberger (University of Stuttgart, LLiS, IRIS) with the title "Implicit assumptions of (prospective) music school teachers about musically gifted students" can be read in Social Psychology of Education via Springer! This contribution appears in the special issue of Stereotypes and Prejudice in School and reports on teachers‘ stereotypical assumptions about musically gifted students. Congratulations to the team of authors!

Read article here

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